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    Acrobat Reader integration with SharePoint 2007




      We have been having some major issues with people opening PDF files from document libraries in MOSS 2007.


      Firstly in v9.x we find that only one user can access a PDF file at a time because it automatically opens the file as editable. This isn't a problem, however when another user tries to open it instead of being asked to open a read only\local copy, they just get an access violation error. We have found that sometimes even though a user has closed the file, the access violation errors continue and the only way round it is to copy the file locally, delete the original and then copy it back up to the document library.


      I see that version X has been written to include much better integration with SharePoint. However our company policy is that we do not use check in\check out, so i'd like to disable this prompt. I've found this article which seems to have instructions on how to do it, however the registry change does not seem to have made any difference. I notice that on that article is says "DO NOT PUBLISH THE DOCUMENT EXTERNALLY UNTIL 10.1 SHIP". I'm unsure whether this is a typo and it's meant to be 10.01 which has recently been released or whether this article should not yet be available.


      Has anyone managed to get the registry change working?