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    Sandy Bridge Dual - Xeon  better?




      Just wondering,


      Is a dual xeon workstation that much of a performance boost with 16/32 (when available) RAM than a i7 2600k with overclock?


      Are xeons worth the 5% performance boost?


      (All with the same hdd config, video card,etc: 8X samsung f3 1tb raid 5 with intel raid controller, gtx590, vertex3 ssd)


      Thank you,


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          No. Since you already wasted a lot on non-performing components, it makes no sense to continue in that fashion. If you have money to burn, better donate that to Bill and me to improve the PPBM5 Benchmark


          Where have you wasted money, you may ask. The GTX 590, the extra duty PSU necessary, the Vertex3 SSD. All are bad choices if BFTB ("Bang-for-the-Buck") means anything to you.


          The Vertex3 120 GB @ € 225 performs about equal to a € 37 Samsung F4 320 GB disk.


          The GTX 590 @ € 630 performs not noticeably better than a € 200 GTX 560.


          The 1200 W PSU @ € 195 instead of a 1000 W PSU @ € 160.


          In total an extra amount wasted of around € 653 without seeing any performance gain.


          I would suggest not wasting additional funds on a dual Xeon setup. I mean, you have already crippled the 590 to PCIe-8x by adding that raid controller, making it an even more unwise purchase decision, PM me for my bank account so you can donate some of that money you need to get rid of to Bill and me.


          PS. This maybe was not the reaction you expected, but I felt it necessary to show you the limitations of your approach. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

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            Scott Chichelli Level 3

            drop the SSD

            drop the raid controller if only doing a 3 drive raid

            (you really need 2 sets of drives)

            1 for media 1 for export. you should never read/write from the same drive set.


            unless you buy a dual Xeon 12 core 2.93 or higher NO a Xeon is not worth the $.

            and you had better have a need for the Xeon (red 4k, uncompressed, massive layers and effects)

            most peoples work flow they are pointless


            FYI you can use the P67 board with a raid controller seems the downclocked video is not effected much


            as Harm said 590 is over kill a 570 would be fine.


            so dont waste your money.

            want slightly higher end by an X58 with a 990x




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              tipul01 Level 1



              Wow, nice way of putting one down!


              It was just a question regarding all other components beeing equal, just dual cpu vs single cpu.


              I don't own none of the components i mentioned above, just was considering buying a gtx580 because i got some maya work coming soon and the vertex 3 because of the marketing all around it.


              I live in a country where euro is quite expensive so, bang for the buck is double worth



              But since you mentioned the raid being a problem, an 8 drive raid 5 is no good? I read on Mr Millaard's guide, that for a 5+ hdd raid, there's no need for the three disks rule. Just an OS one and the array.


              Thank you,


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                Scott Chichelli Level 3

                8 drive raid 5 yes

                3 drive raid 5 no

                5 drive raid 5 maybe depends on codec.

                still slower than 2 x raid 0


                not sure who you are talking to about "nice way to put someone down"

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7



                  An 8 disk raid 5 with an Intel controller is an excellent choice, but the downside is that it requires a PCIe-8x slot and due to the architecture of P67 motherboards it also means that the video card slot is then downgraded from a PCIe-16x slot to a PCIe-8x slot, thereby reducing the video performance. Whether that is something to worry about you have to decide yourself.


                  It simply means:


                  1. Accept the loss in video performance. Rumors say the loss is not really sizable, although I have heard others say it is huge. (Sander submitted results that show 5 seconds with PCIe-16x and 10 seconds with PCIe-8x on the render test). In my book that is indeed huge.




                  2. Decide on another platform, like X58 and a 970/980/990 CPU. That will give you better performance.

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                    tipul01 Level 1

                    Thank you for all your answers guys!

                    Super as always!