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    checksum capability


      New to these forums.  I have a question regarding the ability of  Presenter to do some sort of a checksum or md5 integrity check for each  slide that it loads within the presentation.   We currently use  different software for our e-learning, and we occasionally run into an  issue where a user with a not the most stable of internet connections  tries to load a slide, and it only half-downloads and they get stuck.     My question is if there is a checksum feature available which can  verify the integrity of a slide, and consequently reload a fresh version  of the slide automatically, without pulling a half-downloaded slide  from the users cache over and over again.   Is this functionality feasible?


      We currently combat  this by just working with the students on knowing how to clear their  cache, but we would prefer that our course player could automatically  realize that it is trying to load an incomplete file over and over  again, and instead of getting the bad one constantly from cache, just  try to pull the full copy from the server.