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    Running "Flex test drive" - Got error while attempting to connect to data service




      I'm a Flex / Flash builder beginner. I downloaded the 60 days evaluation, and started to run the "Flex test drive" :



      My configuration :

      XP SP3 PRO french edition

      Tomcat 6.0

      My local Eclipse :eclipse-jee-helios-SR2-win32 (but also got the issue on the Flash Builder Eclipse, which version is 3.4.0 (Generation ID M20090211-1700)

      Flash Builder 4 with Eclipse plug-in

      All on same PC


      The Test Drive proposes examples in three technologies : Cold Fusion, PHP and Java. I'm doing the Java examples.


      Installation of Flash Builder, as well as step 1 of the Test Drive (Build the user interface) went fine. I could run the project, which at the end of step 1 correctly displayed the UI in my browser.


      Only one problem, I don't know if it is relevant for the rest of this post : I first got an error, saying that ports 8080, 8005 and 8009, requested by Tomcat, where used. After a short Google search, I fixed it by changing these ports to 8081, 8006, and 8010, in the Tomcat 6.0\conf\server.xml file.


      The Test drive second step is "Connect to data". I found some discrepancies between the Test Drive doc, and what is displayed in Flash Builder. The Test Drive says :


      "Use the Data menu and the Service Wizard to create a service for your application server. For ColdFusion and Java, specify the service file you put on your application server earlier (see Figure 9 for a PHP example). For Java, select the No password required check box, select the employeeService destination, and change the service package to services.employeeservice."


      --> But there is no "No password required check box".


      Also, when running the "Connect to data/service..." wizard, it was not at first completely clear what to choose. The proposed choices were :

      • BlazeDS
      • ColdFusion
      • HTTP
      • LCDS
      • PHP
      • Web Service
      • XML

      Since all others choices, when tried, declared to be unconsistent with my project's server type, I finally selected "Web Service".


      In the next wizard's form, according to the Test Drive indications, I specified the URI of my EmployeeService class : C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\webapps\testdrive\WEB-INF\classes\services\EmployeeService.class

      That defined correctly the other fields.


      But when pressing the "Next >" button, Flash Builder issued the following error message :


      English translation : Unable to extract operations and entities from specified WSDL. Reason : an error occured while instrospecting the service.


      And the full error text is :


      An error occured while instrospecting the service. WSDLException: faultCode=PARSER_ERROR: Problem parsing 'file:/C:/Program%20Files/Apache%20Software%20Foundation/Tomcat%206.0/webapps/testdrive/W EB-INF/classes/services/EmployeeService.class'.: com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.io.MalformedByteSequenceException: Invalid byte 2 of 2-byte UTF-8 sequence.

      It is usually relatively easy to find fixes through Google searches, but this time, it didn't work. So here I am, expecting a bunch of wise answers from all the nice Flex / FB gurus that I'm sure haunt this forum .


      Thanks and best regards.