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    Link to mail only works once on Chrome (windows)

    Jorge Raimundo Level 2

      Hi all,


      I have two links (both for the same e-mail address):


      The first:


      <s:Label text="CLIQUE AQUI!"
               click="navigateToURL(new URLRequest('mailto:geral@consusimobiliaria.co.ao'), '_self');"/>


      The second:

      <s:RichEditableText editable="false">
           <s:content><s:p><s:a href="mailto:geral@consusimobiliaria.co.ao" target="_self">
                     <s:TextLayoutFormat color="#FFFFFF" textDecoration="underline"/>
                     <s:TextLayoutFormat color="#FFFFFF"/>
                     <s:TextLayoutFormat color="#FFFFFF"/>


      The problem is that they both work fine... once. If I click on them, they both open an Outlook window for a new message. After closing that window, if I click on them again nothing happens (when using chrome on windows, apparantely on mac it's ok).


      You can test here: http://consusimobiliaria.co.ao (click on the e-mail link in the CONTACTOS setion on the left)


      How can I workarroud this?


      Best regards,