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    RH 9 - Discrepancies in Online Links


      RH 9 - Discrepancies in Output/Links

      WebHelp Pro, RH 9 Server, & version is


      We have published a single project & found that there are two links for this project:

      A) Flat file link (format is:  http://server name/path.htm)

      B) Server link (format has all the components of A plus some and it has symbols & numbers(%27)

      We are looking to understand why the views and functionality for each link vary.

      ·         In the Search tab, there is a “GO” button in (A); this is absent in (B)

      ·         There  is an option to set # of results per page in (A); this is absent in (B)

      ·         There  is an option to highlight search results in (A); this is absent in (B)

      ·         Search results (topics found & ranking) vary between A & B

      There are also Skin variances.  Search results appear with a purple background in (A), but in (B) the topic titles are blue and the topic preview text is in black and in (A) the text for the topic title and the preview text is yellow.

      Any information you can share to help us understand why these discrepancies exist is appreciated.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Eva.


          Your "A" link is the one to use. The other "B" link is the URL that you get when you view your help through the Web Administrator. It contains all sorts of additional information in it (e.g. window settings) that you don't get when viewed through a browser. I think I am also right that no feedback analytics are gathered when viewing using method B, but I may be incorrect there.


            The RoboColum(n)   @robocolumn   Colum McAndrew
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            Eva-KCI Level 1

            Thanks Colum.  We initially intended on sharing link "A" with our audience, but we noticed that any activity through that link was not feeding over to the server (the server reports only show data for link "B").



            Is there a particular setting to capture use-activity data on link "A?"



            Also, for understanding, why do the links function differently?  "A" seems to use a full-text search; "B" a natural language search.