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    Replace with clip

    Lucien Schilling Level 1

      I did an edit with a Quicktime movie and later wanted to replace the mov clip with a mp4 clip (same clip, but converted to mp4 for a problem with the mov file).

      On the timeline I right-clicked "Replace with Clip", but Premiere lost my in-out-points (put the in to the start) of the video. Is there a method to replace a video file with an other one by keeping the edits?


      I can probably exit Premiere and edit the xml file. But is there an "official" solution for this?


      BTW: The edits were not complicated, so I just needed to rebuild them.

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Hold down Alt+Shift when you drag the clip from the project panel or Source Monitor; this does a Replace with Match Frame, meaning it will match the source timecode.


          Editing the XML will work, too, so long as your MOVs don't have audio (since your MP4s don't, either ). Make a copy of your project to be safe, open it up in a text editor, and do a search for "mov" and replace with "mp4". Save and reopen.

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            joe bloe premiere Level 5

            On the timeline I right-clicked "Replace with Clip"


            Instead of doing this replacement in the timeline, try right-clicking the
            original quicktime media file in the project panel and select "Replace Footage...".

            Navigate to your converted .mp4 file, select it as the replacement,
            and all of your edit points should be intact.

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