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    New to flex, need some help


      Hello, I am a new user of Flex 4 and have recently gone thru the training courses available here (Flex in a week).  I have been tasked with moving some of our firm's webpages that use jsp and spring to connect to a mysql database to a flex frontend. 


      I've been looking over the BlazeDS tutorial (http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/spring_blazeds_testdrive.html) and it seems rather helpful, but I could use some help in how to make a connection to a mysql database on an external server-- where does the connection info go, user name, password, etc. 


      In a nutshell, the application I am to design would need to be able to go out to a database to first verify user credentials, then to upload csv files and store the data into a database, and finally allow users to retrieve the data in datagirds and display in basic bar charts.  Thanks to the training, I have a good understanding on using the datagrid, but the connecting to an external database is where I'm having trouble. 


      Also, I have seen a flex webpage where data is displayed in a chart and the user can export the chart as a jpg or export the input data to a csv file.  Is anyone familiar with this capability?


      Thanks for your help-- I am excited to learn all there is to know about Flex!