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    Font problems in Flash




      First, I am just going to say that I am growing quite sick and tired of all the sloppy bugs in Adobe software. I guess that because you have a monopoly on creative software that you feel like you don’t need to produce quality products anymore, which I completely understand.

      However, while I used to absolutely love and rave about Adobe products, most of my experience as of the last couple of years have been frustration, especially with the former macromedia products.


      With that said, if anyone can suggest a reason why half of my fonts are displaying like the above image in Flash CS5 for MacOSX 10.6 I would appreciate it.


      Don't give me some load of bull like my fonts are corrupted because the same fonts work perfectly fine in every single other program I have tested them in.


      I just don't get why Adobe can't get their head out of their arse anymore and hope a company that does care about their customers eventually comes along to put them out of business.