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    Stop background music when flv starts AS2




      I have a flash game that I have videos between some, but not all questions.  I would like to have background music that would play during the questions then mute, or turn off when the video is played, then turn back on when video is completed.  If possible, but not required, a mute button could be created that would mute the music and would overide it turning back on as well.  In other words the person takes the quiz, when the video plays it shuts off the music and starts it back up when video ends. And if possible, if they select to mute the music before the video plays it will not restart after the video completes.  I did this in actionscript 2. The questions are on frames 1-50, the videos are on frames 100-110.  I have it set up when a question is answered it goes to the video then back to the next frame for questions when it completes.


      Thank you if you can tell me how to do this.