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    Inconsistent behaviour of [inspectable] tags

    Chris Ivey
      I am attempting a platform conversion of a large product from AS2 to AS3. The problem is that the original code for our components used [inspectable] tags to expose getters and setters for private variables. In ActionScript 3, [inspectable] tags only seem to work if you use a public variable with no getter or setter functions.

      This is a problem, since I have about 15K lines of code, and it refers to the getter and setter properties of these components all over the place.

      Am I missing something? Is there some documentation that shows different ways of using [inspectable] tags to expose parameters with AS3 components? An someone tell me about a workaround for this?

      Any help would be appreciated.
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          Chris Ivey Level 1
          It turns out that getters/setters may not have anything to do with this at all. Some components are simply not seeing the values in the parameter box at all, and are defaulting to, well, whatever we set as the default.

          I doubt this is related, but another problem I'm encountering is that when I compile components, the live preview gets clobbered, so when the component appears on the stage, the live preview is drawn in a 2x2 pixel area,(even though the bounding box shows the original component size). This happens with about 5 out of 6 compiles. What's the deal?