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    Three More Newbie Questions


      I'm still slogging along, but making progress. I'm making good use of my muvipixguide and this forum but still could use help with these questions:


      1) How do I change the viewing time of a single still photo (default is 5 seconds)?

      2) I want to apply Ken Burns effect to multiple still photos. I read about motion paths/keyframing and am able to apply it to one photo. How can I apply to multiple still photos?

      3) The most challenging thing for me is still organizing clips and still photos for my movie. They always seem to be set up in the reverse chronilogical order that I want, and it is difficult ot see and manage several dozen. Can someone advise me on the best way to setup files so they're all set to drag into the time/sceneline?

      4) Ideal minimum RAM for my machine?


      Thanks, sorry I'm not able to resolve these on my own. I'm running PE 9 on an XP machine.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          1) If you're in timeline view, you can change the length of time a photo displays by stretches it longer or shorter.

          2) There are a number of ways to create motion paths. The ideal way is to use Motion keyframing. Check out my PDF instructions "Basic Keyframing" on Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com. Once you've applied it to one photo, you can apply the same motion to several more by right-clicking on the first photo and selecting Copy, then selecting the others on the timeline, right-clicking and selecting Paste Attributes. (You can also create your slideshow in the Elements Organizer and set it to apply random pans & zooms over your photos if you'd like.)

          3) If you use the slideshow creator in the Elements Organizer, you can easily arrange the order of your slides just by dragging them around. But if you'd prefer to work exclusively in Premiere Elements, the smartest move is to name your photos in the alpha-numeric order you'd like them to appear.

          4) 4 gigs of RAM is the ideal load. However, much depends on your operating system, the speed of your processor and what kind of camcorder your video is coming from. As long as you've got at least 2 gigs of RAM, you've probably got enough to get by.


          To learn more about the program, have a look at my free 8-part Basic Training tutorials at Muvipix.com.


          And, if you really want to learn the program (and get quick answers to the kinds of questions you're asking) you may want to order my books on Amazon or at the Muvipix.com book store.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            For # 1 (Duration of Stills), Steve's method will allow you to do that for Stills, that have been Imported already. That 5 sec. Duration is the default for Stills and for Titles. If you find that you routinely want to increase, or decrease that Duration, you can do so, with Edit>Preferences>General>Still Duration, and set the desired Frames (just calculate that based on the FPS of your Project). This can be set as often as you need. When doing an Import of many Stills, that I want to run for a longer Duration, I will make that change, prior to the Import, and then reset it, if necessary. I have mine set to 8 sec., as that is about how long I want most of my Titles and Stills. For my Main Titles, I will use Steve's directions, but will shorten that Duration (click-drag on the Tail of those Titles) to 6 sec.


            Good luck,



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              likemovies Level 1

              Thank you Steve and Bill for your great answers.


              Is there any way to apply a random Pan and Zoom (ala Ken Burns) inside of Premiere Elements?


              I am interested in making a slideshow from a folder that does not reside with my Organizer (coming from another person). I'd like to retrieve them into Premiere Elements, then make the movie from there. Any ideas?


              Thanks, Stan

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                There are four different ways to create a slideshow using the Premiere Elements/Elements Organizer combo, Stan.The slideshow creator in the Elements Organizer is the best if you're interested in applying random pans and zooms -- and the two programs pass the slideshow between themselves virtually seamlessly.


                There are two ways to apply random pans & zooms to your slides within Premiere Elements.But neither is without limitations:

                1) You can drag pans & zooms from the Effects/Preset Effects collections onto your slides one at a time.

                2) You can use a Slideshow Movie Theme.


                Have you checked out my books or tutorials yet? As I've said, these questions are answered in pretty good detail in the books.

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                  likemovies Level 1

                  Thank you Steve, I will explore these alternatives. Yes I have your book (Photoshop/Premiere Elements 9 combo book) but sometimes have difficulty finding the answer because as a newbie, I often search using the wrong terminology. This forum really nails down direct or organizational questions. Thanks! Stan

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    In that case then, ask away! Here or on the Muvipix.com forum.


                    I can direct to where in the book you can find additional information.

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                      likemovies Level 1

                      Thank you Steve. I am looking at page 216 of your book and it discusses creating a slideshow in Pre Elements. It says to right click (PC) or use the >> to access the "Create Slideshow" window. For some reason, those options do not appear, even greyed out. Can you advise?

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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Make sure you go to the Window menu and select Show Docking Headers or you won't see the >> menu.


                        Then you should see the option if you've got your photos selected in the Project panel. (If it doesn't show up under the >> menu for some reason, you can also just right-click on your selected photos or clips.)

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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          But I really do recommend you check out the Elements Organizer slideshow creator (on page 410). It's the easiest way to create slideshows -- and, when you're done, you can port the slideshow into Premiere Elements and continue to edit it as a video project, if you'd like.

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                            likemovies Level 1

                            Thanks again Steve. I don't really want to include these photos in my Organizer because it's a slideshow for someone else. I could set up another Project in Organizer and delete it later but I thought the Slideshow in Premiere would be a more efficient solution.


                            It's strange I have enabled Show Docking Headers so I see the >> but there is no option for Slideshows (and not in right-click either). I have selected all the clips in the Task pane, moved them to the Project pane (they are highlighted) but no option appears either way. I'm running Elements 9. Either something's wrong or I am missing something extremely elementary.

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                              likemovies Level 1

                              I figured it out. Apparently when you drag the images from the Task menu, it must be dragged into "Sceneline". A menu then asks, "Do you want to group ..." It then puts together a slideshow. I never got the right click or >> method to work.

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                                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                Not sure what you're seeing, but the Create Slideshow option is definitely available under both the >> and the right-click menus on the Project panel.


                                I'm also not sure why you're not using the Elements Organizer's Create Slideshow tool. As I've said, it will create a Premiere Elements project that's indistinguishable from any of the other three methods of creating a Premiere Elements slideshow -- it merely includes more powerful tools for doing so.


                                But I guess the only important thing is that you've found a solution. Take care.

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                                  likemovies Level 1

                                  Thank you Steve!