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    Valid URL schemes / SMS question


      Anyone know if there is a way to...


      1) Retrieve a set of valid URL schemes for a given device


      2) Test if a URLRequest is legal before invoking navigateToURL()


      I'm basically trying to determine if a SMS URL, i.e. "sms://+12345678911" will properly invoke the text messaging app on an arbitrary device. For example, it won't work on an iPad or iPod Touch, but it will work on an iPhone. If the device isn't capable, I'd like to provide alternate functionality.


      Someone suggested iterating the network interfaces for cellular hardware, but the NetworkInfo classes aren’t supported in iOS. Even if they were, having a 3G network interface doesn’t necessary mean an SMS URL scheme will work properly (e.g. 3G-enabled iPads).


      Thanks in advance for any advice...