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    How to load links from a text file


      Dynamic links in a text file


      Hi, basically I want to load a website address from a txt file as a variable into flash and then when a user clicks  on a button in flash the website loads automatically


      I now how to already get variables in from the txt file but the problem is the getURL method


      Here is my txt file contents:




      Ps im using google just as a test for now


      In flash here is the script to load the variables in:



      //Create new LoadVars

      linkData = new LoadVars();

      // Load text into dynamic text boxes

      linkData.onLoad = function()


                  link_txt.text = this.link1;




      // Instruction to collect data from text file



      And here is the simple button script:


      on (press) {

                  getURL(link1, "_blank");



      Any help would be nice thank you