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    Populate form fields using DataConnection and SQL query


      Hi. I have a local database. I can connect to it from my form which has several text fields binded to the DataConnection fields.

      The idea is to locate a certain record in the database and fill these fields with corresponding values.

      I have a button whith defined click event with the following simplest script 



      topmostSubform.Page1.Button1::click - (JavaScript, client)


      xfa.sourceSet.DataConnection.resolveNode("#command").query.commandType = "text";



      = "SELECT * FROM records WHERE InternalID = '000-00-0024'";





      No errors or warnings, but the fields are not updated with new values (those are set with the first record of the table).

      The event handler works - I tried to execure some code in there.


      If any ideas how to fix it please drop me a line.