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    Getting pics off when files have been deleted


      I can see all the pics we have ever downloaded with Photoshop Album Starter, in the Adobe file when I open it up.  However, the files with those pictures has been deleted off the computer and were downloaded on to a thumb drive.  The thumb drive got washed and no longer works...my question is....is there a way to be able to get those pics off Adobe Photo Sop Album Starter???  When I try to copy or order prints, it searches for the file, but since the file no longer exists, it never finds the file, obviously.  I am at a loss!! We just got a new computer and I don't want to shut the old one down until I have exhausted every means of trying to download the pics that are on there.  Our young son is a cancer survivor and many of those pictures are from that time frame, like his Make-A-Wish trip to Hawaii to see a volcano...so you can understand how important they are to me.

      Thanks for any help you can offer


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          Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee



          Hang in there a little bit; I'm seeing if there is any way to at least 'harvest' the very small image thumbnails that are cached in Starter Edition. Your other option is to see if you can restore those files from the hard drive or thumb drive (could be done if you haven't used up the memory for other files) using file recovery software.


          Even deleted files could be brought back, in some cases.