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    Server Side Include (SSI) for Top Border (Header) Menu

    DavidHonaker Level 1

      Following-up on a previous post, I have created a test menu for my test page so that I can make a change once in my website menu and have it automatically populate throughout the site.


      So, I created the menu as a file, "Aloe_Top_Menu.asp" (it is using DW's Spry Menu 2.0 and I am using DW CS5) saving it as an .asp file.


      When I then insert it anywhere on my test page (see line 150 on the page:  www.aloe-vera.org/test.htm ) it does not appear.


      I have put it in the <head></head> area as suggested by another user (Nancy, thanks for all your help btw).  In between the body tags.  Nothing seems to work.


      I've also tried it in what would be the "header" area of the page, nada.  So I tried in the regular content of the page.  Nothing there, either.


      It's frustrating beyond belief.  And I sure wish the good folks at Adobe would have made it so one could work on it in "Display" view.  Alas, I can work in code only view just fine.  But don't want to spend needless hours on it, if I cannot get it to appear on the uploaded site, at the top of each page!


      For suggestions, I am "all ears."  Thanks, David