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    Surppress 'Potential Printing Problems Detected' warning


      How can we surppress this warning? via the registry if possible?

      It comes up in our Terminal Services environment when printing PDF's using a new Xerox print driver.


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          I got the same problem, any solution yet ?

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            Mark Marcott

            This is related to the Xerox Print Driver.  The only way to stop it on a Xerox printer is to check the box "Do not show this again".  When this is checked, a setting is saved in the registry. 

            This may be used to deploy a fix for all users to get rid of this message:

            1) Check for Xerox Driver Version 5.0 - do this be searching for the V5.0 in the registry (regedit.exe).

            2) Copy the data below to a text file and rename it to Fix.reg.

            3) Open Fix.reg and merge the settings into the local registry.

            4) Reboot your workstation.

            *** Copy the text between the *** comment into a file ***

            Windows Registry Editor Version 5.0



            *** End of Copy ***