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    Nook wants a credit card for a library book?


      I've been trying for three days to open a book I borrowed from the library.  I tried side-loading a book from my library into my Nook.  When I try to open the book that is honestly and truly located on the Nook I get an error that says "Error Dialog:  Sorry cannot open this book" and then when I click OK there is a page that says I have to "unlock my book" by putting my credit card information.  So I tried that with no luck, although, why I'd have to pay for a library book was and is beyond me - I tried it anyway because the tech dept at Nook said to try.   Here is what else I've tried:  loading and unloading ADE off my computer.  loading and unloading Adobe everything else off and then back on.  and yes, I get an authorization from ADE when I hook up my Nook to the computer.  I've tried pretty much everything else I've read in this forum regarding Nook. 


      Sadly, the time is slipping away and I'm left with fewer than four days to read the book.   but if I can get this solved I can read future books - please help?