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    Require Adobe AIR 2.5 all Package

    Pravin G Level 1

      Hii, i want to develop applications for android using flash cs5, i have gone through blogs which gives me useful information regarding how to develop android applications using flash cs5.


      i was tried to use adobe air 2.6. , but as we know adobe air 2.6 extension is still not released, so i think to use adobe air 2.5  for developing applications.


      So anybody can provide me-      1. adobe air 2.5 sdk for android,

                                                              2. adobe air 2.5

                                                              3. and most imp adobe air 2.5 extension(.apk)  so that i can develop android apps using cs5.



      if it is available on net somewhere then also tel me.


      when they are going to release extension for adobe air 2.6?


      can i use adobe air 2.5 extension with adobe air 2.6 sdk, adobe 2.5 air ? 


      Any help will be useful.