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    Help: Flash Player is Freezing My Browser

    evilsilence Level 1

      So I recently got a new laptop. It came installed with Windows 7 64-bit and Internet Explorer 8. However, after installing the current Flash Player update, IE started freezing. I would open certain pages, and the browser would become unresponsive, leading me to end the program. I would try it again, and still the same result.


      The culprits were always the same, hotmail.com, tvshowsondvd.com, among others. Internet Explorer 9 was released a few days later, so I uninstalled IE8 and installed IE9. The browser worked fine for a few days, but then it started to do it all over again, with the same web pages! Then I noticed something, all these pages were heavy in flash objects. So I tried uninstalling Flash Player 10 and guess what, it started working! No more problems loading pages.


      However, this doesn't really fix the problem, I can no longer view flash objects, especially on YouTube. I haven't had the problem since, but I need Flash Player installed. What do I do?


      Adobe better have a fix for this soon. I looked this up on Google and many others have had the same problem.


      Anyone got any ideas on what to do here?