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    Modules like a PopUpWindow

      I am developing a modular app with a window manager to manage all the functionalities that we need.
      All the different functionalities are stored in modules, every different use-case are a differents module for our application. To display this modules as Windows we use the PopUpManager, but I am not really sure about  the way that we use this component.
      This is the "tree" of the project to load the modules:
      • Main App contain a "Module Loader Component" made be us, that is basically a window with one modeleLoader, a close Button and some similar things (very few..)
      • This Component are launched with the PopUpManager componenet of flex with this pseudo-code:
                    formManager = PopUpManager.createPopUp(this, Module800x500) as Module800x500;
                    Module800x500(formManager).title = event.item.@title; // Title Window
                    Module800x500(formManager).moduleUrl = event.item.@module; // The module; f.e: /module.swf

      • After that the new Window is created, the component loads the indicated module via ModuleLoader Flex component:


              if (this.moduloWidth != 0) this.width = moduloWidth + 20;
              if (this.moduloHeight != 0) this.height = moduloHeight + 85;

      Does this one are the correct way to load Modules like a PopUpWindow?