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    Downloading to ereader


      I have been downloading ebooks to my computer (Windows 7), from library and Gutenberg; no problem.  But when I transfer from computer to my Hanvon Wisereader, the books appear in the (connected) device window on computer but not in the device itself. I have installed Adobe Digital Editions, and authorised it, and have followed the 'Help' guide. I have tried sending icons, dragging them, bypassing the computer; nothing helps. Surely it can't be this hard. What am I missing? Any ideas?

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          In order to fix this please follow the steps as given below.


          1) Delete restore folder from following location.

             C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\My Documents\My Digital Editions.

          2) Now connect your Reader.

          3) Once you plug in the Reader click start>>My Computer.
          4) There you will find a new drive created similar to C or D drive on your computer.
          5) Open the Readers Drive and you will find a folder of with name Adobe digital Editions.
          6) Delete that folder and plug off and re plug in the Reader.
          7) Now drag and dorp any book from Digital Edition to Reader.


          I hope this will help you!!!




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            Let me try to clarify these instructions a bit, because there is a step left



            Step 6 should be to delete the folder.


            Step '6a' would be to disconnect the reader logically from your Windows

            machine by 'ejecting' it.  You do that by using My Computer to display the

            drive letter the reader is using, then right clicking on it.  In the

            drop-down box, click on 'Eject'.  Then check the reader to see that it

            closes its software properly (some say 'synchronizing', some say 'updating',

            etc.)  When that operation is complete, unplug the reader.


            Step '6b' would be to plug the reader back in.  When Windows assigns it a

            drive letter, you can start ADE.  Your reader should show up in the left

            hand pane in Library view.  You should be able to drag and drop your ebooks

            onto you reader (Step 7).



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              I tried this to solve a like problem with Kobo, but it didn't work. I still can't find the book in my library.

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                If you're comfortable with using Windows, there's another possibility.  I'll

                assume that the book you're looking for is in ePub format


                Open Windows Explorer (not the internet one - the computer exploration

                one) and look at the My Digital Editions or the Adobe Digital Editions

                folders.  You should be able to see ePub files.  Look for the title of the

                book you downloaded.  If you find it, make a note of the folder location.

                Then, open ADE in Library View, and click on the drop-down arrow on the word

                'Library'.  You should see a choice to Add Item To Library.  If you click on

                that choice, you will get a screen that will allow you to locate the book

                you found and then click on it.  You have choices as to file folder location

                (at the top), file format (at the bottom) and title, and you may have to

                adjust those settings to 'see' the book.  When it's set up, select the

                file name and click on it.  It will appear in the 'File Name' box.

                Then click 'Open'.  ADE will transfer the title to the library.


                There's an alternative to this process, but this one works a lot of the




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                  My downloaded book show up in ADE on the boo

                  kshelf, but how do I get it to my Ipad. I've tried everything everyone has suggested. I need something simple. Even d/l  Bluefire reader but can't make that work either.

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                    AHA!  The real problem!


                    Unfortunately, Apple's iPad is not a supported device - yet.  Some others

                    have had similar questions, and I think the answer was to use a different

                    ebook management software.  I have a really superb memory - but it's also

                    short, and I can't remember the name of the software.  You can search the

                    Forum for iPad and it should be there....



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                      Kobo, on the other hand, is a supported e-reader. I have tried everything I could think of. The book shows up in ADE, and my Kobo is recognized, meaning it shows up as a bookshelf. I have dragged and droppped the book to Kobo, ejected the Kobo reader, but it doesn't come up in Kobo's book list. I even tried copying the EPUB from Documents/My Digital Editions directly to my Kobo, and if I open the ereader in 'My Computer', I can see the EPUB listed, but again, when I eject Kobo and try to find the book to read off Kobo, it's not in the book list.

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                        You've gone through all the steps that I know of and the same sequences I

                        use for my ereader.  There's only one other thing I can think of.


                        If you look at the ebook in ADE, you'll see a drop down box in the corner,

                        which displays the 'Item Options'.  The third one is 'Itelm Info'  That

                        displays the location of the ebook on your computer and also the permissions

                        assigned by the publisher.  Check to see that the publisher has allowed

                        copying to any device.  If they haven't, then that's why you can't get the

                        book on your Kobo ereader.