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    The Display List - AS3

    SymTsb Level 2
      Finally got my copy of Flash Pro CS3 last week and I am finally playing around with AS3. Typical training project... Convert a simple, older AS2 project over to AS3 (in this case my personal site). I've been coding AS2 in a OOP model for some time now so getting used to the new packages and class features wasn't much of an issue.

      In my old file, I figured out preloaders and the basic jist of the display list and using addChild. I'm running into issues though with handling a custom form class I wrote not long ago and getting it migrated over...

      I can get the window for the form drawn quite easily. It was actually a piece of cake with the new functions from the graphics package.


      In AS2, you would create an empty container to hold the contents of a group of items (in my case a form). When I created an empty movie clip in the container, the coordinates were relative to that container. I'm trying to understand the display list so that when I create the text fields and form box titles etc, their (x,y) are relative to the window I created. As of right now, they are relative to the main shell. Does this make sense?

      In AS2 it would be something like this....

      movieClipName.createEmptyMovieClip blah blah blah

      Is there a similar method when using addChild in AS3 so that everything I create is positioned relative to the window calling it?