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    Linking to directly to state within a custom component


      Hello - I'm having problems linking to a specific state within a custom component. I have a home page (an actual page within my catalyst project) on which I have a series of buttons. I want each button to link to a specific custom component state (each of which is tied to an individual project page). I have no problem linking the home page buttons to these specific pages. However, if I try to alter the "on click" button interaction to select a specfic state related to the custom component of a page, it will not work. The program lets me select the state I want for any specific custom component but when I run the project, the button doesn't work. If I click the button and it doesn't go anywhere. It just clicks and remains on the home page.


      I'm at a complete loss here and my project is due in less than a week. I've tried everything, searched the help section, searched Adobe TV training and my training books.The big problem here is that by not being able to link directly to a specific component state, after I go through a section of the project and return to the home page, if I select that section again it takes me to the last state within the custom component when I want it to go back to the first state. It's like the program doesn't know which state within the page to go to so it goes to the last state viewed. Any help would be so tremendously appreciated. Many thanks in advance for your time and consideration.