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    Interactive graph


      I'm new to Flash, but I understadn the basics. Unfortuently, I may have gotten in over my head with this project.


      I have four years if crime data for my school. I want to make an interactive graph where a user can click a crime, (check box) and that crime's change over four years will appear. (by change I mean how many crimes of that type occurred in the last four years.)


      I don't know how to do this, mainly because I'm not for sure how to layer the lines on the graph.


      Thanks for the help



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          the easiest way would be to create a movieclip of the crime graph for each crime.  when a checkbox is clicked display that movieclip.  when it's unclicked, remove it.


          if you're consistant with your graphs, these movieclips show be able to overlay each other and display simultaneously, if that's what you want.  if you don't want simultaneous display, you should use radio buttons, not checkboxes.

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            brohon09 Level 1

            I don't think that will work because I want to be able to roll over the dot and it show the number.


            So if in 2007 there were 87 crimes of theft, I want them to be able to roll over the point on the graph and see the number.