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      Hello, I´m trying to log in Adobe Digital Edition and ir showm me the following error:

      E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS http://adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/Activate 414:8414:8414 urn:uuid:bd2c6055-e92f-4be2-ab6f-f442f84a1d01


      I activated and deactivated my computer many times in Adobe Digital Editions, I didn´t know that it´s not allowed.


      What can I do to use it again with the same Adobe Id?

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          Robin Steinshnider

          I'm having the same problem.  I had to get a replacement Nook due to warrantly issue.  The first one took forever to set up but once it got it working everything was perfect.  Now I am trying to authorize the new one and I get the too many activations message.  When I "try again" I get the bad device message.  I have tried for a week to submit a web case but I keep getting the "error processing your request" screen, same when I try to fill out the form.  From what I understand this application has no phone support, so how can I get my authorizations reset if Adobe won't let me submit the problem online?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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            I'm having the "too many activations" problem also. I too have just received my 2nd Nook and I can't activate it to transfer my borrowed library books. Also can't get any support feedback. CAN ANYONE HELP,PLEASE.

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              rizwan.54 Level 1



              In order to fix this Activation error you need to open a web case with Adobe. Only they are the people who can fix this error by resetting Activation for your Adobe ID. This can only be done via email as they do not support Digital Editions on phone.


              In order to open a web case with Adobe you may follow the steps as suggested below.


              1. Go to www.adobe.com

              1. Login to your Account..

              2. Go to View Support Information

              3. Choose Issue Type : Using a product or service

              4. Choose Additional Products - Digital Editions

              5. Fill out the form. You can leave the Support Plan ID blank (says the customer service chat person)


              I hope that helps!




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                Robin Steinshnider Level 1

                Thanks for your help.  I was finally able to get web case submitted and adobe responded and reset my authorizations within about 8 hours!

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                  April 14, 2011

                  I too have run into this error today.  I work at a library and often deactivate my ade to help other staff and patrons.  I have my personal laptop, my droid and a computer at the library, so only 3 devices, but ade will not let me activate my work computer this time.  I tried to fill out a web issue and Adobe will not let me access the form.  So, how do I get my device activated again?

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                    Ik had het zelfde probleem,is opgelost door een live chat met iemand van adobe door te vragen om mijn email te resetten was in10 minuutjes gebeurd.

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                      After the Login to my account 6 different applications android mobile who tasted it without knowing the terms
                      locked my account with the result that i can not see my books


                      My device is Android mobile.

                      How you could do recovery account;

                      When I connect to my application Adliko Ebook Reader and I'm going to put the Adobe ID as soon as I go to log me out the message
                      "too many activations error'''


                      I would like your help on this problem thanks.

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                        okinja Level 1

                        Hello  I had a live chat whit adobe on the forum and asked him to reset my Email account for to many activations and that was all by 10 minutes.Thats all you must to do is waiting for the livechat whit een employee off adobe.(btw I am from the Netherlands.)I hope your succesfully.

                                                     Greetings from Nico.