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    Another i1Profiler (semi-)fatal flaw

    RASouthworth Level 3

      It turns out one can download and install the new software from X-Rite, plug in an i1Pro, and licensing for monitor profiling is enabled.  So I thought I'd give it a try, see how it compares to same with PM5.


      The workflow initially appeared sane, except there is no mention of calibration and profiling as separable functions.  My monitor is well behaved, so I normally leave the video lut untouched and create a profile that does not bend the RGB channels, i.e. the vcgt tag is straight line.  In ProfileMaker calibration is optional, one can measure and create a profile with no change to the video adapter lut.  However there does not seem to be a method to do such in i1Profiler, everything I tried ended up creating a profile with non-straight line entries in the va lut.


      One can disable ADC (Automatic Display Control), a checkbox in the workflow Measurement section, but it doesn't kill video lut entries, not sure exactly what it does do.  And to disable ADC one has to leave all entries in the Display Settings step at default, hop over to the Measurement box, uncheck ADC, and then go back to Display Settings to change to all native.  Changing any entries in Display Settings away from the defaults locks (grays out) the ADC checkbox in the Measurement section.


      So somebody please tell me again how this is a professional product?


      Richard Southworth

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          thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Compared to the use of a “Smart Monitor” solution like an NEC SpectraView, driven with their software, its not a professional solution IMHO. IOW, I don’t find any 3rd party display calibration/profile solution adequate in comparison. All this video LUT is moot, its done inside the panel in high bit.

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            RASouthworth Level 3

            Amazingly there are still quite a few photographers/shops around that don't have high end equipment, cranking out senior pictures on a couple of 3880s, with 2-3 macs/pcs using lower cost monitors.  I do the best I can to aim them at reasonable displays (stay away from Frys, procure monitors with ips panels, etc.) but they are reluctant to spend several grand for the premium stuff.


            It might do some of you good to roam around the real world occasionally.


            Richard Southworth