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      Hi I am a intern at a library system in Western New York. I am trying to create a tutorial that teaches library users how to download ebooks onto an Apple Ipad. Unfortunately it seems I am having a hard time doing that myself.


      I am using the Overdrive application on the Apple Ipads. It requires that you authorize Overdrive with an Adobe user ID. I have successfully created an Adobe User ID and authorized Overdrive with it. However whenever I go to download an ebook I get the following error:



      Adobe Request





      I have tried authorizing with two different Adobe ID's. I have used two different internet connections, one at my library and one using a wireless Myfi device. I have tried checking out several different ebooks, and I get this same error every time.


      When we first got the Ipads they worked just fine, however they just suddenly started giving us this error. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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          Jim Lester from Adobe has answered this question a few times, saying that

          the Adobe ID on both devices must be the same.  So, I would think that there

          is a difference between the ADE ID's on the devices.....


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            I don't understand what you mean by "both devices". There is only one device - the Apple Ipad. I created a brand new Adobe ID for it today, and that didn't work either. I am checking out ebooks from our libraries website and am trying to download them straight to the Ipad over a Wi-Fi connection using the Overdrive application.


            I contacted Overdrive support with this issue as well. Hopefully I can get it to work properly.

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              I read that you were using Overdrive.  I am not a Mac person, but I believe

              that you have to have an ID in Overdrive also - and that's what I meant by

              'both'.....  Correct me if I'm wrong!  I'm considering buying a Mac and an

              iPad, so any bit of knowledge helps.



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                One of our library patrons just had this same problem!  I ended up having to contact OverDrive to solve it, and here is the response they gave me:


                We're sorry to hear that your patron is having trouble downloading their Adobe eBooks. There are a few things that might be causing this issue. We would like to confirm that your patron has the latest version of OverDrive Media Console installed on their device. The latest version can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. Additionally, have them double check that the date, time, and time zone is set correctly. They can check these settings by launching 'settings'

                from the home screen and going to 'General > Date & Time'. If problems persist, please have them follow the steps below to clear the browser's internet cache and completely turn off the device and restart it.


                1. From the main screen on the device tap 'Settings'.

                2. Scroll to and tap 'Safari'.

                3. On the Safari screen tap the following items:

                * Clear History

                * Clear Cookies

                * Clear Cache

                4. Completely turn off your device and restart it.


                After performing the steps above, have them download the title from their library account again using the 'Get Books' feature in the app.


                It ended up that the patron had the wrong time zone set on her iPad (she has had the iPad for a year and it's always had the correct time, she doesn't know why it changed time zones) and when she changed the time zone to the correct one it solved the problem!


                Hope that helps!