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    Hyperlink on current field value sent to pdf


      I have a Crystal 8.5 report that I have sent out to pdf.  I am reading it in Reader 9.4.3.  I created a hyperlink that when clicking on some text (drive and path to an image file), it will show up as



      in the tooltip.  When I click on it, it brings up a security warning and allows me to click on Allow or Block.  The path now says




      When I click on Allow, nothing happens.  To get backslashes to show up in the tooltip in Reader, I had to set up the path in the database like this




      When I click on the link in Crystal, it opens the image in the MS Viewer.

      The user would like to be able to export the report to pdf that can be then viewed and if the end user wants to click on the link to see the image, they should be allowed to.  Not all users have access to Crystal.


      Any help is appreciated, TIA rasinc