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    Performance difference 1T caviar Black 64cache vs 1T Samsung F3 ?

    James G Maker Level 1

      Hello to all.

      Been lurking here trying to figure out a new build.

      Never built a PC before. Can't be that hard with helpful forums like this one.


      I'm looking to build a i72600k based system with 2xraid0 and an additional HD for OS.

      If there a big difference between the caviar and the F3 in real world performance when being used onboard raid0?

      The price savings when buying 4 drives can add up.  Tring to build a BFTB system.


      My intended purpose in building a new system is editing video from my new Panasonic HDC-TM700.

      As well as editing video, I'll be purchasing CS5 Master and use Photoshop quite a bit as well as the other software that comes with the master collection.


      Thanks for your help.