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    Motion Lines/De-Interlacing when Exporting


      I have Adobe Pre Elements 9 and have run into problems when trying to export 1080p HD footage shot on two separate sources: A Canon XL H1 and a Sony HDR CX350. In both cases the footage looks perfect in the editing program, but when exported any motion on camera is fragmented and broken up into horizontal lines. When the exported footage is paused on the motion fragmentation the image looks like it is transition from one frame to another, with the image split like window-blinds between the two. All of my previous editing experience tells me this is an interlacing issue, but I have exported this footage using multiple settings on interlaced, de-interlaced, and progressive scans and the issue consistently persists. I have not even be able to change the way it presents itself. This is, again, present using both cameras without variation.


      Any suggestions on what is causing this? Am I importing the footage from these cameras incorrectly and simply not noticing this fragmentation when in the editing program? Is there an error with my program or computer causing this, or have I simply missed a setting to select when exporting?


      Even screenshots, which again look crisp and clean when in Elements, will become what I assume is de-interlaced when exported as a still image.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You must ensure that your project set-up settings match your source video precisely. Interlacing issues are commonly the result of a mismatch.


          Your Sony is an AVCHD camcorder so, when you set up your Premiere Elements project, you will need to ensure that (a) you're only shooting in 1920x1080 mode (your camcorder shoots in several different modes) and that (b) you've selected the Full HD AVCHD 1920x1080 Stereo.


          Your Canon is a professional style camcorder and is probably not compatible with Premiere Elements. You will more likely need to use Premiere Pro CS4/CS5 to successfully work with this video.

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            @PyrokeneticWeasel - I'm having exactly the same problem as you, in that my Sony HDR-CX110 exports have dreadful edging around any moving parts, in any format, despite looking fine in PRE9.  How do your videos look if you export them to YouTube using the in-built Share function?  I bet they look fine...


            I've noticed this same problem in a third post here, which also involved a Sony Handycam (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/834158).  Steve made some suggestions on that one, but for some reason the poster couldn't follow the steps.  I'm going to try Steve's test and post the results on my post (which already has some suggestions and has got a good thread going) here:  http://forums.adobe.com/message/3589406


            It sounds like we are looking for the same solution, so keep an eye on my thread and we'll see if we can fix this!  (Or if we can better define the problem for ony to tell us how to fix it...).



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              daddyNyLon Level 1

              My video is now up on Muvipix - link posted on my thread.

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                PyrokeneticWeasel Level 1

                Thank you both for the fine assistance.


                I did not realize the Canon XL H1 was not compatible, however I probably should have. Interestingly enough, when the footage I exported from it was watched on another computer the quality became much better, losing both the interlacing lines and some other artifacting that was bothering me. This is, again, the exact same footage exported out of PreEle9, which leads me to believe my computer may not be able to handle the quality of the XL H1.

                Your solution hasn't yet worked with my Sony, but I may just be missing a certain setting still. I will continue to experiment.


                NyLon, while your video link is not as extreme as the problem I am having, it is the same problem. Have you found a solution to it yet? I will continue tweaking my settings and let you know if I make any headway.

                Note that, though my Canon problem may not be related, the lines did disappear when I screened the footage on another computer. The same did not occur with my Sony footage, but that clue is leading me to believe it may be a system problem, not an Adobe problem.