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    backgroundImage bug?

    ScottFriebel Level 1

      I'm having an issue with the backgroundImage style of a canvas and would appreciate any help.

      I have a tilelist with a selection of png images listed and when one is selected from the list it is set as the backgroundImage of a larger canvas on the page. Occasionally when selecting images quickly from the tilelist the canvas ends up displaying more than one of the png's.

      The png's are loading from a server and while they are small they don't load instantly. The issue seems to happen most often when selecting png's from the tilelist that haven't loaded yet.

      I have tried setting the backgroundImage with .setStyle() and by binding the backgroundImage property to a string and setting that string to the path to the image and both ways have the same problem.

      Any ideas as to how I can avoid or correct this?


      Scott F.