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    Windows score, disk setup and AE

    inaksi prod

      I am trying to make the best setup of my HD and separate elements with Harm's guide. I found something odd in the windows score; all my scores are 7.5, 7.5, 7.4, 7.4, but the hard drive is 5.09 And I find that my timeline is not going as smooth as it should with the computer I have. Is this normal? (low window score)


      Here are my specs:

      Windows P6t worstation

      i7 960 (not over clocked, system is unstable even with 4.0 OC)

      24 G ram patriot 7

      nvidia GTX 460SE

      300G velociraptor (OS)

      2x500 black caviar in raid 0 (All P2 footage)

      2x 1000 black caviar in raid 0 (Scratch disk, music, After Effect projects)

      1x 1000 black caviar (Media Cache and Page Sys)


      Where should I keep the After Effect projects?

      My output is at the moment on the same raid as p2 footage. Maybe I should move it else where?  I am less concerned about output speed and more about having my timeline been as smooth as possible while editing.

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          Windows scores are useless if you want to see how well you are running Premiere Pro CS5 run the PPBM5 benchmark.  We can help you tuning your system to run a s smooth as possible, but we have to have the details to advise you.

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            While the WEI is utterly useless and all Velociraptors show 5.9, you can measure other disks by using the command line options. That will give you results like these:




            The PPBM5 benchmark is a much better tool to check whether your system is properly tuned.


            I would suggest you use the single 1 TB drive for output and relocate the media cache to the second raid0. Output is usually a large sequential write and a single disk is fast enough. The media cache is a lot of random reads and will profit more from the faster raid0 speed.