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    Moving Styles in the Styles & Formatting Pod


      In RoboHelp HTML 8:


      Is it possible to move styles between the different style types in the Styles & Formatting Pod? For example, can I move styles that I had created early in the project from the List Styles filter to the Paragraph Styles filter?


      Basically, my goal is to use a single filter list when assigning styles. It would be ideal if I could create my own list of commonly used styles, which would make it unecessary to move back and forth between the various lists.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          No it's not as when you create a new style you have to specify which type of style it is (e.g. list, paragraph, etc.). You can filter by the different style types in this helps any?

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            skolts Level 1

            I should probably clarify this a bit. When I created a set of list styles, I did so while the List Style filter was showing in the Syles & Formatting pod. As expected, RoboHelp placed the new styles in the List Styles filter, and now they're apparently stuck in that filter. This requires me to select that filter in order to assign those particular styles to lists that I create--and then I inevitably go back to the Paragraph Styles filter (where all my other commonly used styles appear). It's not a major problem, but it does get very old switching back and forth between filters.


            Also, I believe list styles are the same type of style (as far as CSS rules go) as paragraph styles. That is, a paragraph style is technically a tag style in CSS, and a character style is technically a class style. I point this out because it seems to me that any list style could easily be classified as a paragraph style because the applied style formats the entire paragraph. Am I digressing?


            Anyway, I would just like to move a few styles from that List Styles filter over to the Paragraph Styles filter. That way, I could select all of my styles from that one filter and not have to switch back and forth between them.


            Please let me know if I've misunderstood a possible solution. Thanks.

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              There is an All Styles option but maybe that is showing too many to be practical.


              The problem here is your understanding is flawed. Paragraph styles and list styles are quite separate things as are heading any many other styles and each of them can have classes. So I could have <p> for my nornal paragraphs where the text is say black 10pt Verdan and <p class+"IndentRed"> where the whole paragraph, not just some characters, would be red 10pt Verdana and be indented. In my CSS that would be P.IndentRed, and IndentRed is a class of the P tag. In my CSS I could have .Blue (note nothing in front of the full stop (period) and that would apply to any characters to which I applied it, regardless of the tag. So it would work with anything in a P tag, an LI tag or an H1 tag etc.


              Also you can create a LI tag (or LI.classname) apply it to a list and then additionally apply some other non list tag such as P.


              Take a look at Lists on my site and in particular the upgrading section where how the two tags interact is explained.


              Another good resource is http://w3schools.com


              Hope that helps.


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                skolts Level 1

                That's it. Somehow, I missed the key "P." and "li." tags in the CSS file.


                I am now in the process of cleaning up my CSS file, which includes replacing the P tags (for intended table styles) with li tags. Thanks for that very helpful information.