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    RH9 ShortCut Help Control

    JohnV11 Level 1


      We are using the evaluation copy of RoboHTML 9 on a Windows 7 64bit machine. We are considering upgrading from x5. We are creating Microsoft HTML Help chm files.  I'm having a problem with ShortCut Button Text. I convert an x5 project that uses Shortcut HTML Help Controls. All the shortcuts in every topic now appear with "value" as the button text. I try changing to the text I want and it appears correctly in Design. I then save the file and it still appears correctly. I open another topic, then come back to the topic with the shortcut and the text is back to "value". I've tried changing it in the HTML code also in <param name="ControlLabel" value="value" /> and <param name="Button" value="Text:value" /> but the same thing still occurs. Note the "value" text in these. I change "value" to something like "Yes" and it reverts back to "value" after doing the above.


      I tried inserting a new Shortcut on an existing and new topic but the same thing happens with these as above.


      However creating a new project does not experience the above problem. It appears to have something to do with the project conversion.


      Does anyone know what is causing this? Is this a known problem or something with using an evaluation copy? We use shortcuts in a number of places and would need to know how to fix this before purchasing RH9. I can't see having to start all over again with a blank project.


      Files are on the local drive, not network.