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    HSB color picker

    Scooby007 Level 3

      Does anyone know of a plugin for IND that enables an HSB color picker? I really can't stand the color picker. It gets tiresome having to switch to PS for color picking. I understand how the IND color picker works, but there's no reason why there can't at least be an HSB option, especially for people who are now using IND to design things like ebooks. It's a waste of time. Any plugins that enable fast efficient HSB picking from within IND?

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          I'm also looking for this. I know that the inDesign colour picker is geared towards print, but for the purposes of web or ebook design I would really like to see an HSB option.

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            [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

            If your native system color picker supports HSB, you can try this little Javascript:


            rgb = $.colorPicker(-1);
            if (rgb >= 0)
            try {
              c = app.activeDocument.colors.add({space:ColorSpace.RGB, colorValue:[rgb >> 16, (rgb>>8) & 255, rgb & 255], name:"#"+rgb.toString(16)});
            } catch (_) { }
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              geocresent Level 1

              I'm just getting into inDesign and I don't know how to use javascript with it, but I'll find out and give it a try.

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                happybana0 Level 1

                I really don't understand why this was omitted. It's in Photoshop and Illustrator, and it's just as likely someone would be using InDesign for online work (even for print, HSB is a much easier way to mix greys and lighten colors). Sometimes Adobe really baffles me.


                Also, that javascript doesn't really do what is needed here. May as well tab back and forth to Photoshop.

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                  rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  especially for people who are now using IND to design things like ebooks.

                  If you are looking for hex values in-tools has a  Hex swatch plugin. You are still limited to InDesign's 3 color spaces for picking, but it also lets you get Photoshop's forground color if PS is running.



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                    happybana0 Level 1

                    Perfect interrim solution! Having to write down those RGB / CMYK values was awful.

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                      Thomas Dearie Level 1

                      HSB would be invaluable not just for online work, but also for the conceptual phase of any design project.


                      It's easy to forget that, before we start production on any project, we actually have to design it. I do all my own production, so I love the production advances that have dominated InDesign's development.


                      But I'm  a designer first and a production jockey second. I'd like to see some focus on the conceptualization end of things.


                      HSB is a much more productive model for conceptual design – it's the model for color theory in design.


                      Human beings understand it much more intuitively than RGB or CMYK. (RGB and CMYK mimic the sensor instrumentation of color vision, but not so much the perceptual end of things)


                      It's also odd that the integrated Creative Suite has HSB in Ps and Ai, but leaves it out in Id.


                      I'd really like to see this model added to ID's color system.