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    Import Video From Camtasia into Captivate5


      I have some Camtasia 7.1 video (which includes audio) that I'd like to import into Captivate 5, so that I can create an intro slide with jump points into various places in that existing video. I tried to import the FLV as an Animation onto a slide, and while that seems to work, and allows me to add overlays such as a highlight box, it doesn't get me the jump/entry points from the intro slide, as the animation is all on one slide.


      I created some blank slides in a Captivate5 project and imported the Camtasia 7.1 FLV as a Slide Video onto the first blank slide. Then I used the Edit Video Timing interface to try to distribute that video across a couple of other slides. I thought this would get me the jump/entry points I need into the video from the intro slide. When I click the insert button above the timeline in the Edit Video Timing interface, I see a little dialog message that says "Cannot insert slide.Assign some empty space in the end for new slide". That appears to be an error message as I don't get the expected behaviour when I select OK. Is it an error?


      Does it sound like I'm approaching this the right way in terms of getting the existing Camtasian 7.1 FLV video into Captivate5 and creating some extra slides to allow jump/entry points into the video material?


      Is the message I'm seeing a known issue with Slide Video import?


      Thanks for any suggestions.

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          Hello and welcome to the Captivate forum,


          I do see that your question is not answered yet, which could be due to the fact that other Captivate-users do not understand well what you want, which is the case for me. This could be simply a question of terminology, I'm perfectly aware of that since English is not my native tongue.


          You do have a long FLV, created in Camtasia, and you want to jump to different points in that video? I do not know if that is possible, but since you are using slide video and spreading the video over different slides you can jump to the slides on which the video clips sit. Another workflow would be that you created the clips in Camtasia and inserted each of them on a different slide.


          Your workflow seems to be OK: insert the video on the first slide, use the Edit Video timing to split it over different slides. But the 'entry point' that you inserted in another app will not be visible, so you will have to do the timing in Captivate. I would have it distributed immedately over the available slides, and adjust the timing afterwards, but your workflow was perhaps to insert it with extending the duration of the first slide to the duration of the video? To redestribute in the Edit Video dialog box:

          • play the video until the playhead gets to the point where you want to start the second clip on a second slide
          • decrement the duration of the first slide by dragging the slide marker (is at the end) to the position of the playhead (highlighted in green)
          • use the small icon (yellow highlightà to insert the next slide into the video; you can ignore the message you mentioned
          • restart the process by playing until the next point to insert the third slide into the video.
          • if there is no new slide left, you will get an error message "Cannot insert slide" that you cannot ignore


          When you close the dialog box you will see in the Filmstrip that the video is distributed. If you want to adjust the dimensions of the video frame this is possible with the Position&Size accordion in the Properties panel of the video, but do not forget to apply this change with the small curved arrow in the top (Apply to all) of that accordion.


          The last slide will always be extended so that the total video can be viewed.


          If this is not the answer you are looking for, pleas try to explain more in detail.