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    Autoformatting AS in Flex Builder

      I am probably making a fool of myself for asking this, but i am trying to figure out how to automatically format all my code in my AS files within Flex Builder. I tend to rearrange / refactor / cut and paste (-- err i mean reuse) code and would like to format it all nice and pretty with indents, tab/white space clean up, etc.. Is it possible?
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          HyderAlamgir Level 1
          Don't think there is one!

          It's a better practice to format it while you're working on it. Formatting preference vary significantly from one person to the other.
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            I'd love to see this feature too. Sure, you can format while you're working but what if later on you wrap a section of code in an IF statement to add another check to your code? Then you have to go through and add another tab to the start of every line you have just wrapped. Plenty of other examples, especially if you're grabbing blocks of code from other files.

            Formatting preference (curly braces, space after function names, etc) can easily be handled by specifying preferences in a configuration setting. The autoformatter in Flash (and most other IDEs) has this ability and is a real time-saver.