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    How do I delete expired ebooks??

    Green Machine 77 Level 1

      I have many expired files on Adobe Digital Editions.  How do I delete these expired ebooks??



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          rizwan.54 Level 1



          In order to remove those links from your Digital Editions you can follow steps as given below.


          1) Open Digital Editions on your computer.

          2) Drag the cursor of mouse on the book which you want to delete.

          6) Once you will drag icon on the book a very small arrow kind of option will show up on the top left corner of Book.

          7) Click on the arrow and it will give you an option to Delete item.

          8) Click on Delete Item and it will be removed from Digital Editions.


          I hope this will help you.




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            Green Machine 77 Level 1

            Thank you for your help!!



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              duanegk131 Level 1

              Do you know if there is there a method to delete several books at once, not one at a time ?

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                You can use the features of your operating system to do that.  So, if you're

                using Windows, you could use Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer) to

                browse through your library as a folder, highlight several entries (either

                in series or individually, using the SHIFT and CTL keys as necessary) and

                then delete them.  ADE checks the contents of the digital editions library

                when it shows what's in there after you've finished.



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                  duanegk131 Level 1

                  Thank you for your time and response. I am using windows but

                  am not sure that this response is to my problem. I have a external

                  drive that I had all of my books on. I dropped it and of course it

                  no longer works and I purchased another one. But now I have 700

                  files/books in ADE that show "missing" in the status column.

                  Deleting one at a time would take forever in ADE. I tried uninstalling

                  ADE and reinstalling, still got the same library except that there are

                  a lot of duplicates now. If ADE had a folder with all of my books/files

                  it would make it simple to delete the contents of that folder and start

                  all over again. Appreciate any help you are able to send my way.

                  Kind Regards


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                    Try deleting ADE's backup file....



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                      duanegk131 Level 1

                      Can you tell me where they're located... I looked in program files, under

                      ADE and nothing. Shouldn't uninstall delete everything..... all

                      associated/connected files when I uninstalled ADE ? I really can't use ADE

                      as it is.......... sooooo many duplicate files and so many "missing" files.

                      I thought when I got a new external drive and loaded my books in it that ADE

                      would see them and get rid of the duplicate empty files...... no such luck.

                      I like ADE compared to any other reader I was able to find. There has to be

                      a method of deleting several books/files at once. I'm still fustrated that

                      uninstalling it didn't empty my library so I could start over. Sure would

                      appreciate anything you can think of to help. If I could locate the backup

                      files that may do it, ADE should have a folder somewhere that has all of

                      these books/files. I know it does or I wouldn't have all the missing and

                      duplicates that I have.... it has to get them from somewhere, doesn't it ?

                      Thanks for you help.


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                        Caveat:  I'm about to suggest that you modify a 'system' file for ADE.  It's

                        written in XML, and if you're not comfortable with editing XML, then you

                        could do more harm than good.  The Manifest file is a central file to the

                        operation of ADE, and contains information about what's in the library as

                        well as configuration information for the operation of ADE.  You have to be

                        careful.  And, it will take some time to delete the entries, because you

                        have to pick out the ones you want to save.


                        Open Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer) on your C:\ drive.  You should

                        see a folder called 'My Digital Editions'.  Inside this folder is the

                        'Restore' folder, and inside of that folder is the 'Books' folder.  If you

                        open that folder, you should see an XML file called 'Manifest'.  Open that

                        file.  The first few entries are related to the operation of ADE, and you

                        will see each ebook listed a short way down.  Delete the lines for the

                        ebooks that are duplicates.  When you're done, then you can close the file.


                        I don't recommend this because it requires you to bypass the controls that

                        are in ADE.  The volume you're talking about is going to take time.  Be VERY

                        careful to preserve the XML structure!  Delete ONLY the records that are the

                        'de:contentRecord' for those ebooks you want to delete.  Do NOT delete the



                        Fingers crossed for you - good luck.


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                          Jim_Lester Level 4

                          To delete multiple books at a time, select the books you want to delete in ADE and hit the delete key (on the keyboard).

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                            duanegk131 Level 1


                               Thank you for your response. I've tried deleting via keypad, by the

                            delete button but the most it will delete at one time is from 2 to 10. I

                            tried 4 at a time, 20 and over a hundred but the response time is quite long

                            and the most it deleted at one time was 12. I crashed my external drive with

                            all my books, bought a new one and when ADE it added all of them again, with

                            the original ones showing up as "missing" in the status column. That doubled

                            my books to 1,600 then I uninstalled ADE and reinstalled. Just added about

                            400 additional files. So I have double book files for all and some

                            triple. Appreciate anything you may think of to help. Surely there has to be

                            an easier way ?



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                              duanegk131 Level 1

                              Finally some relief. I did find the file you refer to, only it was under

                              Users>> Duane>> My Documents>>My Digital Editions. I was going to do as you

                              suggested so I copy and pasted the XML file into word and it put it all in

                              neat separate entries for each book whereas notebook had them in wordwrap

                              and it would have taken forever to find the seperate files. Even though Word

                              put the in good reading order, since there were hundreds to do I just

                              deleted all of the files, 1,688 books, and then the same number of jpg files

                              that were in another folder. When I opened ADE there was a "0" under "All

                              Items instead of 1,688 ! ! Now I'm adding my book back now in separate

                              "Bookshelves". I really do appreciate you help, I would have given up and

                              deleted ADE for Sony or something else and I like ADE the best. Thanks again




                              Kind Regards


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                                Level 4

                                You're very welcome.  Enjoy reading now!