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    hanging at white box before playing progressive download


      I began this discussion over on the Dreamweaver forum but was advised to move it here.


      Been tearing my hair out for days. I have  several flv files displaying just fine on my website. All I am am trying  to do is replace an enormous .flv file with a smaller file of the same  movie. The new smaller file is just 25 MB, compressed with a bitrate of 1000kbps. The test page that contains the smaller file previews just fine  of course in Dreamweaver, but after uploading the clip, the html page, the .swf files  (in the same directory) and the Scripts folder to my host's ftp server, the browser shows me that dreaded  white box on my test page for a full seven minutes until the file loads up completely. Then it plays through beautifully with no buffering. On the other pages of my site, the videos all show up without such a wait, even the enormous 179 mb flv!


      Here's the test page:



      The original page, which is working fine (except painful to view because of too large .flv file ), and from which the test page was created, is:



      Flash videos also playing fine here:



      I've scoured the code between the two pages (test and original) and can see nothing different except the name of the video clip.


      Could there be something quirky with the FLVPlyer_Progressive.swf?


      Some issue with moving between CS4 and CS3? (I'm now on CS3)


      Something odd or extra in the code on the test page that I'm just not seeing?


      BTW, I've asked for AutoRewind, but NOT AutoPlay (through Dreamweaver).


      Thanks in advance for any help given.

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          ponyhighway Level 1

          Well now I get to come back with my tail between my legs to say that  the solution was one of those really dumb, DUH kinds of things...


          Just in case this can help anybody else I'll tell my sad story.


          In  an effort to get my flv file size WAY down, I was using a compression  formula I got from one of the FCP gurus. But it was meant for making  files to upload to youtube, so he had suggested keeping the streaming  setting at "None," and setting the bitrate to 4000, since youtube would  be adding further compression on their end. Silly me forgot to switch to  "Fast start" for the progressive download. That was the key. Along the  way to this revelation, I learned a ton about compression...I got my  file size WAY down, and lowered my bitrate considerably as well (900),  so although there is still some buffering on a slow connection, its not  too bad, and a GIANT improvement over what was there before.I can live  with it


          Here's the new page: