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    MovieClipLoader and different browsers




      I've been testing a file from my server and I'm getting varying results using different browsers. IE8 is displaying the file as intended however Firefox and Chrome give me an annoying little glitch. The problem lies with the way my preloader reacts using the MovieClipLoader class.


      I have a main file with subsections where swfs are loaded in to blank clips. I'm using a preloader to display their progress and the preloader displays an animation by percentage increment up to 100%. If the target clip is not yet loaded then the preloader functions as intended across all browsers. However, if I revisit an already visited section where the preloader should not display due to the file having been already loaded, I'm getting a brief flicker (around 1 frame) of the preloader in a random state of load progress. Again, this does not apply to IE8 - everything there seems to be in order.


      It's as though it's firing onLoadProgress for a brief instant instead of just going to onLoadComplete.


      Not a biggie but annoying enough and any help on this would be much appreciated.