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    Freezing a Time Code?


      Basically, I added a time code effect to a sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. The time runs as usual, although I would like it to stop at a specific point and hold that time.
      I have tried cutting it and freezing the frame also. It just starts a new time code from 00:00:00.

      Any ideas?

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Put the Timecode effect on a Transparent Video clip, and set it up as you'd like. Then, select it, and go to Clip > Nest (or right-click and select Nest). This will effectively "precompose" the timecode, so that it's baked into the nested sequence. You can then use Time Remapping on the TC sequence to cause it to slow down or stop, or you could razor the last frame where you want the timecode to stop and use Frame Hold on that clip.