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    mini dvd input?

    digitalmusicman Level 1

      I know I can import a "mini dvd" video into my pc using my "firewire" port. but what if you only have the mini dvd? can you just pop it into your dvd drive and import it that way? the tray of my dvd drive looks like it will hold such a dvd and of course, dvd's read from the inside so the size of the dvd shouldn't matter. will windows recognize the dvd? I DID try a search on "mini dvd" and got zero hits, has nobody else tried this?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          You cannot do a Capture via FireWire, but you should be able to drop the miniDVD into the drawer of your multi-drive. That little recess should fit perfectly.


          I would Copy the contents to your HDD, and not Import directly from the miniDVD. The Project Preset should be a DVD/HDD camera. Cannot recall the exact syntax, but that will get your field order correct.


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