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    Printing double sided odd number of pages


      I have Adobe Reader 10.0.2 instalied on my iMac running Mac OS 10.6.7 with a Canon Pixma iP4200 printer. Since installing this version of Reader I have come across a curious problem with printing PDF files double sided with an odd number of pages.


      For example, a three page PDF file printed double sided. The first page prints first, then pages 2 and 3 print double sided. This leaves a blank page on the reverse side of page 1 which is INCORRECT and has me puzzled. Normal double sided printing should have pages 1 and 2 back to back and page 3 with a blank page on the reverse.


      All my other software on my iMac prints an odd numbered file double sided correctly. It is only Reader 10.0.2 that has this problem and would appreciate a solution.


      Have I found a bug in the Reader software?.




      Peter AKA DaftBrush