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    Saving .idml exchange format

    Hanaan Rosenthal

      What AppleScript command and parameters export a document to InDesign exchange format? Extension .idml Tried various combinations with no luck.  Thanks! Hanaan

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          Mary Posner Level 3

          Hanaan, does this work for you?


                  export [doc 1] to [full path] format InDesign markup


          That seems to work for me, give it a try.


          However I'm having issues with a similar task, trying to export InCopy content (ICML) from a document. I think I'm getting the references and creating the path correctly, but it chokes on trying to do the export, tellls me that the file format is invalid, that it expected [long string of possibilities, including InCopy markup] but received InCopy markup. AppleScript can be maddening at times.

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            Hanaan Rosenthal Level 1

            Mary, thanks for the answer!


            I think that to export inCopy markup you have to reference a story:


            set s to parent story of selection

            export s to (choose file name) format InCopy markup

            That worked, though it asked me to enter a name and specify a color, not sure what that's all about. At least it didn't ask for the last four digits of my social security number...

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              Mary Posner Level 3

              Great, glad to hear that worked for you.


              Still having problems on mine. I'm sure you're right, it does need to refer to a parent story, but I'm still getting the same error. My relevant code is this:



              set myStory to parent story of myFrame

              export myStory to myExportPath format InCopy markup


              "myStory" does return a reference to a story ID, so all looks well there, as does the path under "myExportPath". Just to test it, I substituted your "choose file name" code, and it did bring up the prompt, but then choked at the same place, at the format, telling me it was expecting InCopy markup but received InCopy markup. Grrr argh. BTW, I'm on CS4, if that makes a difference here.
              Maybe it's just time to reboot.
              Thanks for your help.
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                Hanaan Rosenthal Level 1

                Mary - version may be your issue... I think it works in 5, not sure about 4.