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    Loading External Swf


      This is my first flex application and am running in to problems when attempting to load external swf files.
      The link to the application is....

      If you navigate to the iGallery link, and click some of the thumbnail images on the gallery, then it doesnt work as it should
      This link will show you how it should work..... http://www.jbuda.co.uk/extras/extra.cfm?id=2

      Also i noticed that if you navigate abit more, then the bRotator does not display anything.
      Again the link for this is... http://www.jbuda.co.uk/extras/extra.cfm?id=3

      These flash swf files that i am trying to load in are the same as the ones on the .cfm pages.
      They have been created with AS2, could that be a problem?

      Thanks in advance for any help received.