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    SanAntonio Kid Level 1

      I have written to the Forum before, but now I have a new machine, Windows 7, 3.53 Ghz, 1 TB HD, 4 GB RAM.  Seems to be handling PRE 8 coasting. 


      I had previously scanned photo prints and 35mm slides into jpegs and cropped them to either 3x5 or 4x6 at 200 ppi.  That did not seem to be too much more than Steve's recommendation of 750x1000.  (When I did it I was not aware of Steve's recommendation.)  When I now import them into the PRE8 Sceneline they are way too big to fit the frame.  I have tried re-editing in PRE8 at 100 ppi with not much change in size.  At 50 ppi the image in the Sceneline frame is tiny.


      I suspect I am going about this wrong.  Recommendations?


      Also, in using the Editor Crop Tool I see strange handles looking like 3 dashes stacked on each other.  There are 3 sets of these and do not allow me to adjust the size of the image.  What is up with that?


      As always I appreciate all your help and thanks, the San Antonio Kid, aka Steve Kale.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          First, know that ppi or dpi is of no relevance at all when working with photos for video (or online, for that matter). The only measurement that matters is its size in pixels. So a 1000x750 pixel photo at 72 ppi will look exactly the same size in a video project as a 1000x750 pixels photo at 600 ppi.


          Also, know that a frame of standard def video is 720x480 anamorphic pixels, which is the equivalent of 640x480 square pixels. That's why your photos seem to extend beyond yoru video frame. They are about 1/3 larger than your video frame.


          Which is intentional. Most people like a little extra resolution so that they can do pans and zooms around their photos.


          If you don't want this to happen, there are a couple of solutions. The easiest is to go to Edit/Preferences BEFORE you bring your photos into your project and check the option to Scale to Frame Size. This will automatically constrain your photos to the size of a video frame.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            In additon to Steve's comments and suggestions, this ARTICLE will give you possible workflows for Scaling in PSElements or PS, prior to Import into PrE.


            Good luck,



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