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    Flash >> After Effects

    robosnacks Level 1

      It seems there a lot of documentation on going from After Effects into flash, but not the other way around. Not .swf, but actual .fla, or .xfl format.


      Is there a way to import a .FLA document into After Effects for refinement, retaining control over its individual layers and the timelines within each symbol? I need to be able to give the Flash file to someone working in After Effects to then be able to work on it with.


      That OR:


      Be able to easily export each layer (and subsequent layers within each symbol) to someone using After Effects. They're used to getting PSD files with layers but I don't use Photoshop for more reasons that this text box can contain.


      It seems like there should be a way to get After effects to import even maybe the library elements as compositions if it can't import it as a whole. Maybe importing the library elements as a package allowing reassembly? Any help would be great. Thanks.