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    Modifying Effects for ea. Angle. Easier Way Than Key Frames?


      I have a few scenes that I have to do a Day for Night effect on. Each of these scenes have been edited with Premiere and they are each comprised of a large number of angles and takes. I'm not very familiar with After Effects, but I have been able to come up with some decent settings for the effect.


      My problem is that every time the video makes a cut I have to create a new set of key frames to adjust the settings for the new angle. It is very time consuming and frustrating. There must be an easier way that I just haven't found yet. I did try importing the Premiere project file, hoping that I could just copy and paste the effect settings each time that the same angle is reused.


      Can anyone inform me of an easier way to complete this task? Is there a way to cut the footage apart so that I can copy and paste the effects?

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you use the Dynamic Link function between Premiere Pro and AE, your cuts will be transcribed into the resulting AE project. 


          Create Animation Presets for each camera angle, then simply apply the preset to each shot as required.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The secret to making this easy is to start with very closely matched footage to start with. Each shot should have the perfectly matched exposure, color balance, density, gamma. Since you're already in post you may be stuck with footage that needs vastly different color correction settings.


            My usual workflow is to find a key angle for the scene. Once that is set just the way you want it make an animation preset by selecting all of the properties and effects for that scene and going to Animation>Save Animation Preset.


            Now you have your starting point. Separate all of the other angles. If you're using dynamic link they will end up as different layers in AE. Label them or name them, change the color of the layer so that they can be grouped. Now select the next scene, apply your master CC preset, then tweak the settings so the shot matches the master. Now save a new animation preset for shot 2. If you've set each angle to a different color by right clicking the little colored square and picking a color, you'll now be able to select every angle 2 in the comp by selecting the angle group. Now you can apply the animation preset to each shot in the comp from that angle.


            Do it again for each angle with a different preset. That will save you a bunch of time. I hope this helps.

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